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No cryptic messages
  No secrets to share
Broken and bleeding
  Naked and bare
I'm feeling quite empty
  This should not be
I burden my friends
  because they cannot see
I cover myself
  In a shroud that's quite dark
My absence of self
  Has me feeling stark
A blank sheet of paper
  Yearning to be filled
With letters and pictures
  For which I'll later be billed
My thoughts are taxing
  The cost me a lot
Biding idle time
  That's never cheaply bought
Is this all I am?
  Is this all that's left?
Part of me is missing
  A very petty theft
I can't seem to remember
  What filled this hole?
Have I shattered my morale?
  Did I tear out my soul?
No angels surround me
  Only demons and pain
I've known many dragons
  All should be slain
They bite and they claw
  They will never stop
Nothing's holding me up
  They've broken my prop
I know I'm not helpless
  I know I'm not dead
Do I follow my heart
  Or the voices in my head?
It all sounds the same
  No difference in tone
Should anyone smile
  When they feel this alone?
I think I'm a ghost
  I know this is wrong
No voice above the din
  Just lost in the throng
The watchers have caught
  A glimpse of my face
I don't need to be seen
  I quicken the pace
They can't see my eyes
  I won't let this be
I put on another mask
  so they won't know it's me
I'm back home now
  The vastness of space
It's cold and it's empty
  A too familiar place
I own stock in the heavens
  It's too far away
I'm stuck here on earth
  With no place to play
My apathy has changed me
  It's gilded my eyes
I've forgotten the truth
  And replaced it with lies
I can hear it rather clearly
  As it spills from my lips  
It looks good on paper
  Fun to read on trips
It's the map of my heart
  There's no legend or key
No street signs or roadways
  Only sites to see
This map is sort of small
  It's that way for a reason
It's not meant to be read
  To defy this is treason
Now, onto my hands
  They've cradled death and life
They've never known murder
  But they've aided in strife
They've caressed angels
  They've made others bleed
They've remained very still
  When other were in need
They're stronger than I remember
  Their softness is art
They've held things together
  They've torn things apart
They're tattered and torn
  But they've always served me well
When they're busy, they're dandy
  When idle, instruments of hell
I'm just a dot
  Somewhere on God's page
Not much has changed
  With the coming of age

~Me {2011}


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Joshua Adam Tomlinson
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm a fan of anything creative. If I could be anyone I wanted, I'd be one of the Doctors (from the BBC series Dr. Who). I've been drawing since I was old enough to hold something in my hand. I'm a graduate from the Memphis College of Art and I can't wait to get my career off the ground. Everything has the capacity to fascinate, therefore a muse can found anywhere you look.

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I am in a committed relationship with the woman of my dreams. She gave me my son. Her name is Christina Johnson and I adore her. Let it be known I am taken and happy as could be. She is my everything. She is my all. I don't deserve her but she loves. This is my testament and profession of love and devotion.
RevolutionaryDreamer Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Student General Artist
Let be known. Amber. I don't miss you. She is the only one I miss because she is my everything. I wish I had thought enough to explain why I stopped posting anything on this god dammed site. She has consumed me in ways I never thought possible and there are to be no hiccups in our relationship. When I figure out how to completely remove my profile, I'm gone from here forever.
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Hey there I was wondering what is Lunar-Itami's new DA address? I was looking for her and wanted to reconnect with her. 
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STILL miss you and hope all is well in your world. ❤
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I'm finally back. I'll be posting a battery of new art soon. I've missed you too.
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happy birthday!
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Miss you :heart:
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How are you, Amber?
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